I’m Jacqui Maguire,

a clinical psychologist, writer, speaker and media contributor with a passion for science communication. I not so secretly love researching psychological studies, translating them into easy to understand concepts, and providing practical strategies to optimise personal and professional wellbeing, work and relationships.

Put simply, I want people to live the good life.
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A prominent mental health and wellbeing thought leader and speaker, Jacqui delivers engaging and practical psychology with warmth and humility.

Speaking and Events

Jacqui Maguire is an expert we seek out regularly to interview because she is able to break down complex ideas into relatable concepts for our audience. She always provides great advice that large audiences like ours can relate to.

Hilary Barry, TVNZ Anchor

Jacqui, if your mission is science communication, you’re nailing it

Adam Grant, New York Times Best Selling Author

I love how Jacqui mixed data facts with real life stories and examples and used everyday language rather than academic speak

Essex City Council, 2020

Jacqui is so succinct. She does a wonderful job of giving us the details without being ‘fluffy’.

Simpson Grierson, 2020