I want individuals to live meaningful lives characterised by strong connections, robust health and deep satisfaction. I want leaders to support their teams with confidence and clarity. I want organisations to succeed through cultivating a workplace culture that is psychologically safe and innovative. Put simply, I want people to live a good life and I believe we all can. That's my core motivation for doing what I do.

Jacqui Maguire is a clinical psychologist dedicated to making high-quality psychological strategies accessible to all New Zealanders. A leading mental health advocate, she leverages her exceptional communication skills, traditional media, and modern technology to promote wellbeing and address the nation’s mental health crisis. She highlights often-overlooked challenges and provides clear, actionable pathways for meaningful change. Recognised for her contributions to education and mental health, Jacqui was awarded Wellingtonian of the Year in 2021.

Jacqui’s career is deeply rooted in organisational wellbeing. She delivers workplace wellbeing services to both New Zealand and global businesses, offering consultation with executive teams and Boards, designing wellbeing programmes, providing executive coaching, and facilitating training for teams of all sizes. As a highly sought-after keynote speaker, Jacqui presents both in person and via webinars to organisational audiences and at national conferences.

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Interviews across NZ’s major television, radio, print and online media sources

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1,000,000+ online views of her media interviews

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Regularly quoted by international publications such as The Guardian

“Jacqui, you share coherent, practical information which is often missing from interviews with other mental health professionals. Yay! And Thank you so much”.

Fellow Clinical Psychologist

Jacqui Maguire is an expert we seek out regularly to interview because she is able to break down complex ideas into relatable concepts for our audience. She always provides great advice that large audiences like ours can relate to.

Hilary Barry, TVNZ Anchor

To further enhance New Zealand’s mental health and wellbeing, Jacqui founded and hosts two top-ranking podcasts. “Mind Brew,” New Zealand’s first mental health and wellbeing podcast to reach #1 on iTunes, features discussions with world-leading psychology experts on globally relevant topics through a New Zealand lens. “What Matters Most,” co-hosted with actress Antonia Prebble, offers practical tools and light-hearted, soulful conversations—providing the everyday therapy we all need.

In addition to her podcasts, Jacqui authored the children’s book “When the Wind Blew,” aimed at helping primary-aged children and their families manage and regulate unpleasant emotions during unexpected changes. Recognising the challenges of accessing meaningful, evidence-based support in New Zealand, Jacqui maintains strong ties with the media to promote mental health awareness and prevention and provides free mental health and wellbeing resources through her social media channels.

Jacqui’s community involvement includes serving on the Board of Life Squared Trust, a charity supporting mental health in the legal profession, and she is the mental health advisor for the global charity Movember.

Jacqui’s core motivation is to help individuals live meaningful lives with strong connections, robust health, and deep satisfaction. She aims to empower leaders to support their teams with confidence and clarity, and to enable organisations to thrive by cultivating psychologically safe and innovative workplace cultures. Put simply, Jacqui believes that everyone can live a good life, and she is dedicated to making this belief a reality through her work.

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