Follow Órla’s journey and help your children learn how to harness their inner superpowers to thrive during change.

Throughout our lifetime we will all experience change and challenge. Common events that impact our children include family separation, relocation, transition to a new school or the arrival of new siblings. Covid-19 has shone a spotlight on just how quickly unimaginable change can occur. Whilst we can never erase change from life, learning and practicing wellbeing skills will support our children and families to cope more effectively. When the Wind Blew provides a series of practical, easy and affordable home-based psychology strategies that will help teach children coping mechanisms – to use throughout their life.

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Jacqui’s handy tips, based on clinical best practice, are woven into the story and shows how simple well-being practice can be introduced for youngsters. These are essential life skills that will help children flourish and learn to draw upon their own super powers as the Rona winds come and go throughout their lives. Use this book to implement well-being practice within your own whanau.

Shaun Robinson, Chief Executive, Mental Health Foundation of New Zealand

I found my daughter standing in our hallway, pushing her feet into the ground with a tight face today. I’m so pleased she was using your tips already after one read, usually she would have exploded with words and actions !

Sarah, Kiwi Mum.

Such a relevant read for the times we live in. Beautifully illustrated with practical help to deal with challenges. Looking so forward to the next book…well done!

Julie, Loving Nana

Fantastically written in easily digestible chunks. Techniques all the family can benefit from.

Suzie, Happy Reader

“My 5yr old son & I love this book! It was comforting to see the look of relief on his face when reading it; that he wasn’t the only person in the world (outside of home) that felt the same feelings as he did. He could relate to Orla, and we were both happy to see that she had calming techniques that we hadn’t tried before. I especially love the adult notes and tips in the back – so helpful. Well done Jacqui, you have a winning book in our eyes! Bring on book number two!”.

Sheralee, Kiwi Mum.