Jacqui’s communication skills help her bridge the knowledge-action gap; delivering evidence-based, actionable strategies to help people optimise their wellbeing, work and relationships.

What to expect?

Close collaboration with event organisers and businesses enables Jacqui to design a tailored engagement that matches the audience and the requested brief.

Her content is always freshly crafted.
Common elements include:

Optimising personal and professional wellbeing
How to live the good life during COVID-19
Leading Well
Psychological Safety at Work
Flourish with Positive Psychology
Tame Stress, Fatigue and Overwhelm
Get Your Business to Thrive

Jacqui frequently speaks to these audiences and industries:

  • Board Meetings
  • Conferences
  • CEO and Executive Forums
  • Human Resources Professionals
  • Local Communities
  • Parents and Educators
  • Professional Services Industry
  • Start Ups
  • Sales and Marketing Professionals
  • Senior Management Groups
  • Women’s Events

The session was on the money in terms of what we’d hoped it would be. The content and your delivery/tone were amazing, and I was confident that leaders at all levels would be able to relate.

Kelly Alkema, Chief People Officer, Hutt City Council

We work with Jacqui because she has a brilliant way of translating key messages in a clear, succinct and relatable manner.  Jacqui’s presentation style is open and engaging, which is important when tackling serious topics.  And her ability to think on her feet is second to none – a class act!

Sarah Bulkeley, Organisational Development Consultant | Simpson Grierson

You bloody nailed it. It was one of the most impressive talks I’ve seen in a long time. You spoke in a respectful yet engaging manner, with authority – which is hard to do. You presented new and novel points of view, and your interdisciplinary knowledge coming together, while also stepping back to highlight some key take-home points, was all great. All-in-all, it was just awesome and at the end, I was just thinking rather than a question, it would just be good if you could keep going.

Dr Aaron Jarden, University of Melbourne

Jacqui has an amazing knack for explaining mental health & wellbeing concepts in a way that you just ‘get it.’ She’s very engaging and personable – our staff rate her incredibly high.

Trish Meakin, Chief of People, Partners Life

Jacqui Maguire provides psychological insights and advice that are backed by rigorous research but are easy to absorb and understand. Her presentation was received with enormous enthusiasm by our community, who were grateful for her warmth, approachability and clarity, and for the straightforward way she makes difficult situations seem manageable.


The keynote talk focused on wellbeing through the lens of psychological safety, both from an individual perspective, as well as a corporate one. In delivering this incredibly insightful, engaging and informative session, Jacqui’s knowledge and passion shone through. We loved having her with us and particularly appreciated her flexibility. An all-round superstar.

Ruxandra Stuart, Learning and Development Lead, Essex County Council

I am normally put to sleep by the “Wellness” advocates, (even though I could doubtless benefit from their expertise), but I found Jacqui vibrant, attention grabbing, interesting, entertaining and relevant.


Harcourts Grenadier, November 2021